RAWR is a collective label and party series me and some friends started. We regularly release electronic music on tape and throw parties with a focus on live performance

Grown from the long standing idea of “hey we should totally have a label with the ABC*-Festival to release the music of all the people who play there” Kai Lietzke and me finally approached the idea in the summer of 2022. Since the festival we both started making and performing electronic music and had started studying at HFBK.

We got together some more of our musician friends, had a big meet up and threw our first party at the Frappant Kachelraum in September. Initially called LPF, then Nervrec as in nervewreck. But that was quickly changed after everyone loved the dino logo and asked what the name has to do with it.

Since then Jonas Romann joined the main label crew. We started regularly throwing our parties and releasing music on tape. We aimed to carry on the genre less, live and performance focused approach to music we already had with the ABC*-Festival. A big part of the label actually became topics such as financing and non-capitalistic economic viability, what makes a collective, how can we have a uniform appearance while keeping the artistic individual intact?