An idiographic comic about the Curiosity mars rover

After finishing some smaller comics and learning about digital coloration I wanted to create a bigger piece of work. Inspired by a small webcomic about the Curiosity mars rover I drew “Curry”. Deciding against any written text (not so hard for a comic about a robot) as that was something that always bothered me about comics (and I’m not alone with that, I read somewhere that the speech bubble is only a crutch). The comic was handdrawn with black marker ink, then scanned, then colored digitally. Large black areas and photorealistic textures were also done digitally.

I printed a small run of comics on the office copier at my moms office. I afterwards did some research in Riso and started getting interested in this technique. I sadly stopped drawing comics before I could do one for a Risograph. But I screen printed a comic for a christmas card by now and the JCards for my Xerox Park EP will be done with a Risograph so there is that.

Color choice and style are quite heavily influenced by Anna Haifisch (who I still look up to)

I showed this comic to Sascha Hommer when I thought about taking drawing comics more serious and he said: “you could have fucked this up in a thousand ways but somehow you found the one way to not fuck it up”. I’m still quite proud of that.