Interference pattern based shader that I wrote for an installation at the opening party of the Anderswelt

I originally wrote this as a JavaScript animation running on an old Raspberry Pi 2. I was asked if I would like to create an installation for the opening party of the Anderswelt, a shortlived club in Hamburg that opened in 2019. The theme of the first party was Cyberpunk.

The topic of the grid is very present in abstract and minimal art as well as many cyberpunk media. But especially the grid in Tron had a lasting impact on me as a child. I wanted to dedicate this installation to this movie. The first version was only using 6 colors.

Originally titled “The Grid” later renamed to “Vertigo”. I tried to put my fascination for cosmic scale into this. You can always go more into detail. You can always fall deeper into the grid. Vertigo generates an infinitely zooming grid that changes color at random each level. The byproduct are beautiful moire patterns and subgrids.

In 2022 I rewrote the code for this to be running in WebGL. Not because it was more effecient, it actually failed to run on the old Raspberry. But I was interested to see how small I could make the code. At that time I was exploring the asthetic of software code itself.