Stagedesign for a play at Deutsches Schauspielhaus. Also a series of posters I made to advertise the fictitious super market chain HYKOM. And a generative font I used for various things.

HYKOM is a concept font that I designed for the stage design of a staging of the play “Hysterikon” by Ingrid Lausund that happened on the 30th June 2022 at the Deutsches Schauspielhaus Hamburg.

The font is used in various designs such as posters, flyers and signs. The font is not a fixed font. Or it is. But you can make your own. With the same set of actions I followed to come up with this font. Basically HYKOM is not a font. But a set of actions (or algorithm) to come up with a unique font.

The font comes with upper- and lowercase letters, numbers 0-9 and characters for “.” and “,”. Letters come in two weights, where bold has a higher number of black pixels.

My main goal was to create a font that looked like some form of code or cryptic message and that had no rules, no way to decrypt it except for knowing which character is which. I tried to embody the hidden, meaningless, ever changing rules and systems of capitalism and consumerism that are also part of the stage design in this font.