Es rieselt laut

An alternative christmas card

I originally drew this 4 page comic when I was still living with my mom. She asked me to draw a christmas card. I drew this. She wasnt the biggest fan. The story is loosely based on, well, the christian christmas story and a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke I love a lot. My fascination for flare guns, concrete sheeps and a couple of original characters I developed for a graffiti on the gym at my old school also played a part.

Coloration is done digitally. I again decided against text in the comic and instead typed the poem out on a typewriter, scanned it, chopped it up and added it to the comic digitally as well.

When I learned to screen print at university it was also around christmas. So I decided to reprint this comic as a first project and send a christmas card to everyone on my year.